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A portable broadcast system for your school

Ideal for use with video distance learning systems

Setup at any CATV outlet

Installation and training Included

Promotes student achievement and school community
Videorama 2000 is an easy to use, portable television device that broadcasts video to your entire school from any location with a cable TV outlet. The Videorama 2000 comes with an integrated color preview monitor, a camera input, audio inputs for four microphones and an integrated VCR with looping playback. A built-in titler allows you to broadcast rolling or scrolling text over backgrounds or live video. In addition to the included microphone mixer, a wireless microphone option is also available. An operation manual and four hours of training ensure that this easy to use, yet powerful system is familiar and approachable to all staff. The Videorama 2000 contains all the essential components for a powerful remote broadcast unit and includes the tools to implement it at your school.

Video technology, properly implemented, has the power to positively transform every student's experience at your school. Students and teachers can use Videorama 2000 to broadcast video virtual assemblies: live morning announcements, special publishing or reporting out classroom activities or school-specific public service announcements that inform students of particular issues at their school. Videorama 2000 is the ideal choice as a broadcast point of origin for distance learning systems that extend the reach of classroom-based video beyond the school to the world. Students take an active, creative and engaging role as they create the productions that are shared with their peers and teachers. In addition, instructors may find particular use for the Videorama 2000 system in co-teaching, professional development seminars or test preparation. Even when the unit is not being actively used by students and staff, the titler can be set to continuously broadcast the day's announcements.

The Videorama 2000 system empowers your students and teachers to create academically rich and instructional content. On-site training for your staff and an operation manual, including examples of implementation into K-12 instruction, ensures your success. The Videorama series is an ideal companion to Videoplex, a school television studio designed and installed by Tech Comfort. To find out more about Tech Comfort's educational video solutions or to arrange for a visit to a school already broadcasting, contact Tech Comfort, the pioneer in instructional video systems.

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