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Disaster Recovery Plans/Critical Data Storage Backup and Recovery Solutions
If one of your senior employees drops his laptop and breaks a hard drive, how many hours are lost recreating company business files and email messages that weren’t backed up? If the hard drive in your main file server that contains all the company’s financial data was damaged and rendered unusable, how quickly can you restore the lost data?
The answers to these questions should be answered in your business’ Disaster Recovery Plan. This plan documents the safety of your company’s critical data that, if lost, equates to huge losses of time and money and could ultimately lead to the end of your business. The plan should outline the daily procedures that must be followed to insure no information loss when some unplanned event occurs.

Tech Comfort can help you establish these procedures by devising a Disaster Recovery Plan for your company. The main topic of the plan will be the backup, storage, and recovery of critical data. Depending on the size of your company, data backup can be as small scale as backing up one computer’s files to a CD. It could also be the
daily backup of data from file and application servers onto tape media using third party backup software. Tech Comfort installs the necessary software and then automates the daily backup “jobs” to run independently. We also recommend that at least one copy of your data is stored off-site just in case of the worst scenarios.

A key to your company plan is educating your employees to follow file-saving procedures to protect their own information. Tech Comfort will help make these steps as transparent as possible and thus avoid the otherwise inevitable, “My computer just crashed and I didn’t save my files.”

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