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Network Security
Your company's LAN is a private network comprised of computers that store your company's confidential information. How willing are you to share this information with unknown people who have access to the public Internet just like you? Broadband Internet connections are "always on" which means that your network is always accessible if not properly protected. The exploits of computer hackers come in many forms such as viruses, worms and denial of service attacks. Each of these malicious methods can have detrimental consequences - lost or stolen data, user downtime, hijacked or damaged computers. The end result is hardship for your employees and damage to your organization.

To prevent this intrusion from the Internet and avoid security threats, you can protect your network with security hardware or software referred to as a firewall. The firewall "sits" between your network and the Internet and acts as a control portal to prevent access to all unknown users. Firewall technology analyzes the data that passes into and out of your network and permits or denies the flow of that data based on rules that you can customize. Tech Comfort can recommend the appropriate firewall and design the policies that will regulate the data traffic. In case you want to host a public web server, we can implement rules that allow public access to that server only while the rest of your private network stays protected.

Tech Comfort will also recommend client security software to safeguard your remote users' laptops and workstations that are used outside of the network. These computers are outside of your firewall and again susceptible to Internet threats. Protecting individual computers will stop a possible virus or worm from entering your network from an infected laptop computer brought back inside your network by one of your users. It will also prevent a security intrusion when a user tries to connect using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Your network's security is a vital part of your network plan. Without a hardware or software security device, you jeopardize the effectiveness of your business and the hours of labor it has taken to build it.
Tech Comfort can assist you in proactively protecting your assets and your people.

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