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Small Office or Home Network Design and Implementation
All of your business’ computers, servers and printers comprise your office’s local area network (LAN). A network can be as simple as two employee workstations and one printer. The key to a network is sending information between computers as efficiently and as fast as possible regardless of the complexity. Not only must this data exchange take place internally in your office but also outside your network with your customers and the Internet.

Although your LAN may have started simple, it changes as your business changes and as new technology introduces improved equipment. Your present network setup may currently satisfy your office needs but how do you know what might be available to enhance employee productivity? Is it time for a faster Internet connection? Do you need an SDSL or ADSL connection? Is our office space optimal for a wireless network?

Tech Comfort wants you to know your options and then implement the right solutions. We create and maintain documentation of all your network assets. If you’re just starting your business, we’ll purchase, install and wire your LAN using router, switch, and hub equipment.

We can also set-up a wireless network so that employees can “roam” throughout the office and still stay connected. Based on the size of your network, we’ll install Microsoft’s Active Directory Service to provide central management of your users and computers. We also offer performance monitoring and connection troubleshooting.

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