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Home Networking Services

Advantages of a Home Network
      Shared internet access
      Data and printers

TC Home Services
      Upgrade to broadband
      Install wired and wireless networks
      Tune-ups and maintenance on PCs and laptops
      Protect data with home network security
      Implement scheduled data backup

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As more and more households acquire faster connections to the Internet using DSL or cable modems, a home network of interconnected computers becomes the answer for how to share this speedy broadband connection throughout the entire house. Downloading music files, sending/receiving e-mail, browsing news sites, and playing web-based interactive games can all be done at the same time from different computers. A network will let different people print documents to the same printer or scan documents from one scanner. Sharing a printer certainly saves having to buy a printer for everyone in the house!

Home networks may also use wireless technology. Instead of connecting computers with wires that run under carpets, over doorways and between floors, computers can communicate using high-frequency radio
waves. Range can vary from 10ft. to 250ft. With a wireless network, anyone with a laptop can roam throughout
the house - even outside the house - and still surf the Internet.

A home network can be as simple as two computers and a printer connected to each other or multiple computers
located on opposite sides of the house or on multiple floors: mom's laptop from work, dad's Macintosh video editing system, two iMacs, one color inkjet printer and one laser printer. Getting these systems to share data and form a network can be a challenge, especially when you want to add other devices like a scanner or digital camera. Tech Comfort can help. Our Home Network Service technicians are ready to assist you so you can start enjoying your new technology immediately instead of wrestling with it.

Tech Comfort technicians can provide experienced support maintenance for your desktop PCs and laptops, including Macintosh systems. Do you need more storage space for your files, more system memory to help your programs run faster? We can help with these tasks as well as offer tune-ups for your systems to help them function at peak performance. Call for a free in-home consultation. Tech Comfort, the leader in residential computing.

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