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Virtual Private Network Configuration
While the firewall is protecting your office from unknown intrusion, you may need your employees to access your LAN from another office or from their homes using the Internet. In this case, we need them to connect to your private network from a location outside your office using the public Internet. These connections could be securely created using virtual private network (VPN) data encryption. A VPN connection becomes an extension of your LAN and allows employees to connect to computers in your office as if they were physically in the office - but they're not! The other benefit of using a VPN is that the data sent between each location travels in an encrypted "tunnel" that preserves the confidentiality of the information even though it's being sent through the public Internet. VPNs are also much more cost effective. Instead of having traveling employees make long distance calls to remotely access your company servers, now all they need is a local connection to the Internet to create a VPN to your office to access the same servers.

To create multiple VPNs to your office, Tech Comfort will configure your firewall based on your specifications with regard to data transfer speed and encryption level. We will then configure your employees' personal computers using VPN client software and train them how to use your network's VPN when they are working away from the office.

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