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An affordable TV station designed for K-12 Schools

Complete service from design to training

A full-featured video production and editing studio for students

Videoplex is an affordable, complete video production and broadcast studio specifically designed for K-12 schools. Students and staff use Videoplex to create and broadcast television-style, video productions throughout the school using your existing CATV system. For example, students can make their own morning news broadcasts, reporting the morning announcements live and showing segments of prerecorded tape. Students are trained to use all equipment making Videoplex a manageable tool for staff, while still providing a rich and powerful experience for students. Videoplex allows publishing or "reporting out" of classroom activities to be shared with the entire school community without interrupting the daily schedule with a full period assembly. Classrooms simply tune in to the Videoplex private cable channel to receive the broadcast. Videoplex is the perfect conduit for the application of multimedia skills as well as skills gained during regular instruction, since making a successful live broadcast requires reading, writing and presentation skills, teamwork, commitment and responsibility.

Each Videoplex is designed specifically for your school needs. Custom installation and testing ensure that you can begin to use your Videoplex immediately. Once installed, there is no need to adjust cables or change connections behind the equipment, due to the central patchbay design. Included is an eight hour training and support package that familiarizes your staff with the studio components and trains a core group of students to independently produce a morning announcement broadcast. Videoplex is a complete, turnkey solution from facility design through staff and student training. Typical installations include studio and control room equipment that provide stations for a complete class of students.

Technical features include S-VHS, editing, live chromakey effects, mixing of up to six video inputs with digital transitions, titling, dual professional cameras and a crew intercom system. Professional installation is included. The integrated design of Videoplex allows any school to have their own video production and broadcast studio and curriculum that can be managed by any interested staff member with little or no technical experience. Contact Tech Comfort for more information or to arrange a tour of a Videoplex.

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