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Creating Flexible Networks: Wires and Wireless to the Rescue
Created wireless and cabled local area network, LAN, at the Visitacion Valley Children's Community Center in San Francisco and linked them to other community centers in the area with a virtual private network. Provide ongoing tech support.

Apples, PCs and E-mail: Getting Macs to do E-mail with Microsoft Server Products
Established a virtual private network, VPN, between multiple locations and configured Mac OS X clients to work with a remote Exchange server via a VPN tunnel. Provide ongoing tech support.

Private Intranets: Your own Private Internet
Co-develop a private Intranet to serve faculty and staff at the Institute of Industrial Relations at UC Berkeley, as well as members of external organizations including those from labor unions and other labor research bodies. The IIR Intranet was developed using Zope, an open-source web application server running on a W2K server platform. Current web products include event calendars, unique logon and user/group accessible folders and a news/article portal.

Video in Education: Helping Students Learn in New Ways
Worked with AT&T to implement a VideoWAN in the Milpitas Unified School district, providing each school with the capability to transmit and receive local origination broadcasts on a regular TV channel. The VideoWAN was designed to work with Questron portable broadcast units, creating the capability to video-conference between any two points within the school district.

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